Home Library Design Pictures

Finding ideas for home library design is a lot easier when you have inspiration. And inspiration is a lot easier when you have pictures to look at. Home library design pictures can spark your imagination and creativity. You can either take an idea from one of these pictures and adapt it to what you already have in mind, or you can start from scratch and use them as a foundation for what you want to do to display your much loved books. At Home Library Design, we want to provide you with lots of ideas to get started or improve on your home library. These home library design pictures are just some ideas in an endless approach to building a fantastic home library that will give you that great feeling of being surrounded by the books you love.

Home Library Design Pictures

Here are just a few home library design pictures that are sure to get your creative home library brain juices flowing and thinking about how you want your books to look in their new (or old) bookcase.

Tall, Wooden and Modern

Wooden, modern and maybe a little too big to fit into a normal house. Make sure you have really high ceilings so as not to have a bookcase a little too enormous. The great thing about this bookcase is that it looks awesome even when it’s not full of books!

home library design pictures

Panoramic Study

If ever you need a luxurious place to write, study, read or all three, this looks like a great private place to do it.

home library design ideas
Photo by: AMagill

White and Spacious

Ultra modern … maybe too modern for some. I love the space though and the furniture. The stairs that go up behind the bookcase is great too. Maybe a place to hide and read a good book.

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Color Coded Comfort

I used to alphabetize my collection. I don’t think I’d go so far as to color code them, but it seems like the effort might be worth it. Not only does this exude the workings of someone with OCD, but it seems to balance that out with two comfortable, fluffy looking chairs. It’s probably better not to put the wrong color in the wrong place if you decide to take one down and actually read it.

home library design interior design
Photo by: Eccentric Scholar

Curvy and Stylish

For the sheer purpose of looking cool. I know, that’s a terrible, shallow way to go about it, but sometimes you can make an exception.

home library design ideas pictures

I’ll Take the One on the Top Shelf

I’ve always wanted the ladder in the home library. Usually you think of sophisticated libraries in old movies, but this modern look will do just fine for us home library design lovers.

home library design colors

Three Colors

For the sake of changing it up. Why not get three of the same bookcases in three different colors. Great home library design idea!

home library design photos

Transparent Stairs

Walk on air as you move up to grab your favorite book.

home library design images


Good ‘ol country home. That’s what it looks like to me. Looks like a great place to read To Kill a Mockingbird or The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

home library design gallery
Photo by: ChalonHandmade

The United States of Books

Creative and patriotic.

home library design
Photo by: hahatango

Just a few home library design pictures for you to check out and be inspired by. Some simple, some a little too tall, some a little too modern, but all great for invoking a sense of literary style and imagination to find a home for your books.