Home Library Design Ideas and Pictures

What exactly constitutes a “home library”? It is very likely a relative term. Some would even consider a few books on a shelf a library, especially if they happen to enjoy those particular books. Home library design is the task of taking the books you love in your house and creatively putting them on display, for yourself and others. Anyone interested in home library design is sure to love books (or at least the appearance of books) and love the way those books look on a shelf, whether it be a huge, luxurious, antique Victorian bookcase, or a modern, stylish, trendy bookcase. For some, having a home library is a goal. To accumulate books and one day have a big, one room library, maybe even with a ladder and a curving staircase.

home library design
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Home Library Design Ideas

“No idea is so outlandish that it should not be considered with a searching but at the same time a steady eye.”
-Winston Churchill

The great thing about home library design is that your ideas can flourish. The whole notion of having a home library stems from a love of books, which stems from a love of story, which, of course, stems from a love of the creative. Therefore, organizing your collection of stories can turn into a story itself. No matter how crazy an idea (as long is it will not cause harm to any one, like a leaning tower of encyclopedias that could fall on an innocent resident) or how ridiculous one idea may seem, I say, go for it. Slanted shelves, crazy colors, odd locations … whatever the mind allows.

Then again, if you want to go more traditional, feel free. If you like the look of libraries in old movies or movies set in a different time, there are plenty of places to find antique looking bookcases, or even authentic antiques.

A modern home library design might suit you better. If you like the sleek and the minimalistic look of modern furniture and want to display your books in a neat, creative way, modern home library design will satisfy your creativity.

modern home library design

Home Library Design Pictures

“The soul never thinks without a picture.”

While talking about home library design is great, seeing an actual home library is the best for inspiration. You’ll see a lot of home library design pictures on this website, because we love to find and be inspired by the many creative minds who have turned their books into a decorative display of literature. We would also love to see pictures of your home library, if you happen to have one. If you do, take a digital picture, write a description, or, better yet, a story about why you started the library or what inspired you to create one and send it to homelibrarydesign.org@gmail.com. We’ll post the picture and description on the website to inspire others!

How to Stock a Home Library

With the advent of electronic readers, like the Kindle and the Nook, it seems as though this would be a difficult question. A simple answer: Stock your home library with the books you love. If you don’t have many books now, don’t spend all your money at once. Take your time and build a library that will bring with a story of each book purchased. If you already have a substantial amount of books, or enough to fill up a bookcase, get started experimenting. You’ve come to the right place for inspiration.

How to Stock a Home Library